ACOFI Management Group

As part of its management activities, ACOFI has entrusted Edifice Capital Luxembourg, a financial advisory mission to help identify secondary infrastructure assets, analyze, and if necessary to accompany the acquisition of selected assets.

ACOFI is an independent group of financial services specialized in conception, management and distribution of investment vehicles for third parties.
ACOFI’s expertise in asset management revolves mainly around two expertises, Real Asset management and Direct Loans to the economy. These expertises covers 4 major thematics:

  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructures
  • Specialty finance solutions for industrial firms,
  • The public sector off state.

La Française and ACOFI signed a strategic agreement to invest jointly in the direct lending activities developed by ACOFI Management.

La Française and ACOFI signed a strategic long-term agreement to invest jointly in the creation of a major player in the field of Direct Loans to the economy, at the service of big investors and institutional investors.

Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe has 86% ownership in La Française AM, a group of asset management, from the merger in 2009 of La Française des Placements, an entrepreneurial company and UFG-IM. La Française is rated “High Standards” by Fitch (August 2014).

With over 480 employees, La Française manages more than 45 billion euros of assets (including € 10 billion in real estate) through its offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Madrid and Milan.