Edifice Capital with Icade and Fondeville, won the new train station of Montpellier

September 11, 2017
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Les Echos – 8/10/2014

This is the end of a very contested request for proposals of 18 months, during which four candidates threw in the towel.

The winners, Icade Promotion, Fondeville, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Capital Building, DIF and Cofely Services, together with architects Marc Mimram (Paris) and Emmanuel Nebout (Paris), will build the new Montpellier Sud de France train station in public-private partnership (PPP). "At each meeting between the partners of the group, we must instill the win, remobilize the troops, slips Didier Corbel, deputy general manager of Fondeville in charge of PPP and design-realization markets. Several times, we could have given up, the specifications have evolved several times, according to the changes at the head of the cofinancing communities ... "Thus from the Languedoc-Roussillon region, which scrapped up to Paris so that the station brand name bears the name "Sud de France"; or Philippe Saurel, the new mayor and president of Montpellier (DVG), who, as soon as he was elected, administered a weight loss program (150 to 60 hectares) to the project of the Oz business district. "Every time, RFF asked us to adapt our project. This implies, for us, a lot of displacements and a constant involvement of the head of the company, "says Didier Corbel.

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