Edifice Capital Group is an independant, multi expert Advisory Company, controlled by its founders.

African market experience:

Our team advises governments and regional organizations on  public policy issues, infrastructure’s financement and PPP strategy for more than 20 years in Africa.


Edifice Capital Group works with locally established professionnals who are expert in cultural, political, regulatory and tax issues.

Our Team’s track record
  • Leading the Public Private Partnership (PPP) market in terms of number of deals signed.
  • € 4.5 billion invested in 17 infrastructure projects since 2007 (investments in various infrastructure sectors : energy, highways, tramways, hospital, universities, stadium, sport, IT, renewable energies).
  • Deep understanding of African Public Bodies (20 years’ experience).
  • More than 90 investment projects studied in Europe and Africa and 20 agricultural projects in advice or investors.
Edifice Capital Group, founding member of PPP Club MedAfrique

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Our conviction:

The development of infrastructures in Africa will benefit from the introduction of Public Private Partnerships (PPP). This development requires convinced public and private actors.

Our objectives:

To favor exchanges and to develop synergies between public and private actors of the Mediterranean ring and African French-speaking countries in order:

  • to support the evolution of public procurement financing possibilities;
  • to investigate the PPP opportunities;
  • to ensure the maintenance and upgrading of the public infrastructure (beyond the construction phase);
  • to favor sub-contracting for local companies and to ensure capacity building on the long-term.

to favor the enabling conditions for the development of PPP as a new tool ensuring the durability of public infrastructures in the Mediterranean region and West & Central Africa.

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